Octagon zines are produced by Aggie Toppins, a graphic designer living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Aggie uses visual narrative to explore themes related to memory, myth, and mortality in a hyperreal culture. Octagon zines seek to engage readers in a semiological exchange in which meaning is a shared experience between author and reader.

The name Octagon comes from Thomas Jefferson who was fascinated by this shape and often used it as a motif in his architecture and furniture design. Jefferson was famously a man of contradictions. Perhaps the least of these was that the pine doors of his home at Monticello were painted to appear as if they were made from a more luxurious mahogany. As such, the octagon signifies the longstanding American penchant for simulacra, a central theme in these zines.

You can purchase zines directly from this site or at one of our national retail partners. We sell in Chicago at Quimby’s Bookstore and at Paperish Mess. We also sell at Wonderfair in Lawrence, Kansas. Got a zine and want to swap? Get in touch!

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